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Denitrification Facilities

A series of photos showing construction of the new denitrification filters.  The denitrification process converts nitrate to nitrogen gas.  This reduces the total inorganic nitrogen load on the receiving stream.

Denitrification Pump Station

Photos showing construction of the pump station for the denitrification filters.

Digester Complex

Photos showing construction and rehabilitation of the digester complex.

Old Englewood Plant and New Denitrification Facilities

Photos showing the old Englewood plant demolition and construction of the new denitrification facilities.

Secondary Clarifiers and Trickle Filters

Photos overlooking the existing secondary clarifiers and new trickle filter.

New Secondary Clarifiers

Photos of the new secondary clarifiers.

Centrate Tank and Denitrification

More photos of the new denitrification complex.

Blower Building and Solids Contact Tanks

Photos overlooking the blower building with the solids contact tanks in the background

Trickle Filters and Primary Clarifiers

 Photos of the new trickle filters and primary clarifiers