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Elliott – Summer of 2014

During Elliott’s internship at the L/EWWTP, he assisted the Engineering Division with several summer projects.  One significant project was related to the construction of a new Pretreatment Facility. With a new Pretreatment building nearing completion, a need for a new parking lot was identified. The existing lot was damaged and had problematic drainage issues. Elliott assessed this need. Elevations were obtained and with that data, a new drainage path was designed. Additionally, the existing lot did not meet OSHA standards for minimum lighting. Elliott met with contractors to evaluate options for lighting upgrades. After several iterations of AutoCAD drawings, the project eventually went out for public bid.  Elliott also coordinated a site visit to a Denver Water treatment facility. He initiated contact with a lead operator and scheduled all parties. Touring the Denver Water facility was a valuable experience for L/EWWTP staff to gain knowledge and experience of their business processes.

“Seeing a project go from discussion, to design, to out for bid was very rewarding. I’m excited to take my knowledge and experience at L/EWWTP into my future work.”

Samantha – Summer of 2013

During Samantha’s internship she worked on helping maintain the plant in its proper condition. Her first task was taking on an ongoing project that involved repairing concrete structures around the plant. After finding where different areas needed to be restored, she drafted AutoCAD drawings and procured an invitation to bid for local contractors to repair the concrete related problems. Samantha also worked on fixing the handrails on the plant site to make sure they were under the proper regulations for OSHA and IBC. Samantha also worked on ideas to unload the proper amount of chemicals in a part of the wastewater treatment system. She did research looking into the national electrical code and even visited another wastewater plant in the Denver area for ideas.  Samantha finished up her internship with an installation of an eyewash station in one of the buildings on the plant site. Again she had to meet OSHA and SCADA guidelines to make sure everything was up to par.

“One of my favorite experiences during my internship was seeing one of my projects for concrete (and other items) repairs around the plant go from the design phase to bidding and then eventually selecting a contractor to do the work. It was interesting to go through a process that I was unfamiliar with prior to the project as well as complete something that had importance at the plant.”

Nick – Summer of 2012

During Nick’s internship he performed engineering related work in the Headworks Building. Nick had the task of designing an electrical monorail hoist to help move waste products around the building. One challenge he had faced during the design was that the monorail had to go through a door that was fire rated.  Fire rated doors have strict regulations but with proper engineering Nick was able to solve this problem. Nick drafted AutoCAD drawings and helped procure materials and got a suitable vendor to complete that project. Nick also had to improve the grit removal system in the Headworks Building. Nick met with an outside consulting engineer to see what would best be done about the situation. Nick and the consulting engineer found problems with the platform that the grit removal system was on and they collaborated to find a proper solution. The solution he came up with helped to reduce operator attention by roughly 50%.

Another one of Nick’s internship tasks was to find a solution to a problem with one of our manhole hatches. Nick met with different stakeholders to see if it was possible to fix the broken manhole hatch, but in the end Nick and the stakeholders agreed it was better for a total replacement.

"I learned volumes from my internship, the experience was invaluable as I started my professional career. But beyond the experience, the challenging and meaningful projects, and (of course) working around big machines, I will always appreciate that I could enjoy the truly fantastic sense of humor of the men and women of this industry."