Strategic Programs Internship Opportunities

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The Streategic Programs Group has opportunities for people looking for an internship program in the Regulatory, Safety, or Industrial Pretreatment fields.  We offer a wide variety of experiences both in-house and out in the field.  This position is a paid position.

Regulatory focuses mainly on water quality regulations including application of regulations in the discharge permit.  Attendance at state work groups is an opportunity to observe the interactions between stakeholders and those who make the regulations.

Safety and Health focuses on the health and well-being of employees at the Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Safety division also manages storage and disposal of hazardous waste.  Observing the operations of the plant staff utilizing safe procedures, following the uses of chemicals as noted in the Safety Data Sheets and learning the techniques for writing safety procedures and policies can be a part of the interns' learning process.

The Industrial Preatreament Division is a regulatory division.  This division is in charge of regulating local industries' discharge waste discharged from the industry to the wastewater treatment plant.

An Strategic Groups summer internship position will be available.   Currently Openings:

Currently there are no internships available.