Occupational Health and Safety

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Organization and Administration

Safety CoordinatorThe Safety Coordinator is responsible for developing and managing the plant’s Occupational Safety and Health Program within the parameters established by the programs and policies set-forth by the City of Englewood. The Safety Coordinator is the principal advisor to plant management on safety and health matters. The Safety Coordinator applies knowledge, training, experience and resources provided to keep line management aware of hazards, standard violations and deviation from accepted work procedures and practices on the plant’s premises. The Safety Coordinator makes recommendations for correction together with risk management analysis and feasible alternatives to allow line management to make informed decisions.

The Safety Coordinator works closely with the Environmental Compliance Manager to coordinate health and safety initiatives and policies. The Safety Coordinator is responsible for conducting accident and injury investigations, job site audits and leads the plant safety committee.

Employees in all assignments are responsible for conducting work activities in compliance with approved professional safety and trade standards. All tools, equipment or other types of machinery are to be operated only by those persons who are qualified by training and/or experience. Employees are to report unsafe or other improper conditions to their supervisor for correction. All employees shall use prescribed personal protective equipment when engaged in an activity identified as requiring protective equipment. Employees are responsible for reporting accidents immediately, using the appropriate forms supplied by the City of Englewood.