Watershed Groups

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Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant (L/E WWTP) has been involved in ground level development and a sustaining member and leader of a number of watershed organizations and groups throughout the last decade. These groups are developed to work collaboratively to resolve water quality issues on a watershed basis rather than viewing the issues from a member-by-member perspective. This is accomplished by working with state agencies such as the Regional 208 planning agency, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control Division and EPA.

Watershed groups have been formed for a variety of reasons.

The Barr/Milton Watershed Association

(BMW) was created to develop a total maximum daily load (TMDL) for pH after it was determined by the Water Quality Control Division to be impaired. Littleton/Englewood has served on the board since the inception of the group. Most recently a TMDL and implementation program has been finalized. It has been submitted to the Division for approval.

South Platte Coalition for Urban River Evaluation

(SP CURE ) is a non-profit organization originally formed by point-source discharge permit holders along the urban South Platte River. The organization arose from the need for coordinated water-quality monitoring, modeling, and dialogue among its members. SP CURE transitioned into an organization with a broad-based membership and watershed focus which includes entities with water-quality issues related to drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. Littleton/Englewood staff has served on the SPCURE board since its inception. The main thrust of SPCURE is to collect and evaluate data for a variety of uses, along the South Platte River.

 The Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council

(CWQMC) The CWQMC is dedicated to facilitating water quality monitoring and seamless data sharing among all interested parties to accurately characterize water quality in Colorado. The Monitoring Council developed a data sharing network so that all stakeholders in Colorado can easily access data across the state.