Program Goals and Objectives

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  • Promote public relations and local ordinance involvement necessary for the operation and maintenance of a safe, effective and beneficial land application program.
  • Provide a long term Beneficial Use program in order to ensure an environmentally safe and cost efficient method of domestic biosolids utilization.



  1. Continue long term monitoring and testing programs at the Littleton/Englewood Kiowa farm and Colorado State University testing sites.
  2. Continue the development and implementation of a permanent biosolds application site into a long term, biosolids application program.
  3. Maintain biosolids quality to comply with Colorado state biosoldis regulations and EPA Part 503 regulations.
  4. Operate an accident-free biosoldis application program with no motor vehicle or DOT violations.
  5. Develop and implement a computer database program for recording and reporting requirements, as well as historical site documentation.