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The plant operations program ensures suitable treatment of domestic wastewater collected from the service area. This program provides operational skills necessary to efficiently maintain a multi-technical, biological and physical treatment process system, while complying with all local, state and federal regulatory requirements. Public and personnel health and safety, minimizing odors in the treatment process and cost optimization are supported in this operation.


  1. Process and treat raw wastewater with an effluent flow in compliance with discharge permits issued by the Colorado Department of Environment and Health and the EPA.
  2. Optimize process applications for most efficient performance.


  1. Operate the treatment facility with no permit violations.
  2. Investigate, report and respond to all odor reports within 24 hours.
  3. Develop and implement standard and emergency operating procedures for plant operation.
  4. Develop and implement a comprehensive training program specific to each particular treatment process.
  5. Implement and maintain an education program for presentation to the general public via schools, meetings or exhibits.
  6. Complete integration of updated process computer software into activities for all groups.

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