Recycling Centers, Water Pollution, and Conservation Information

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Useful Links

Earth 911 Public/private partnership to provide community specific environmental information as well as general advice related to preventing environmental problems

Biosolids Research at Colorado State University Colorado State University has applied Littleton and Englewood biosolids to summer-fallowed dryland winter wheat near Bennett, Colorado, for 13 years.

Water for People Throughout the world, Water for People uses water as a catalyst for change in communities that lack access to drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene education.

Household Hazardous Waste A list of household hazardous waste collection programs.

Colorado Department of Health Hazardous Waste Program This program ensures compliance with State regulators for proper management and disposal of hazardous waste.

EPA Region 8 Headquarters:  Green Building and Green Operations   Resources for going Green.

Recycling Centers of Colorado

Water Conservation and the Possibilities:  Learn about remarkable opportunities available through water conservation, the water cycle, conservation at home, water conservation for kids, water conservation as a global concept, and business opportunities plus loans.

City of Englewood Environmental Resources  Links provided by the City of Englewood to help learn mode about environmental initiatives.