South Platte River Information

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River Spring

South Platte Cure (SPCURE) The South Platte Coalition for Urban River Evaluation is comprised of wastewater discharge permit holders, water suppliers, stormwater entities and a public health agency working together to address water  quality issues in the urban South Platte watershed.

Wildernet: Your Guide to Outdoor Recreation on the South Platte Guide and general information about the South Platte River

USGS South Platte River Site The South Platte River Basin study, conducted as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water-Quality Assessment Program, combines information on water chemistry, physical characteristics, stream habitat, and aquatic life to provide science-based insights for current and emerging water issues in surface waters (streams, rivers, reservoirs) and ground waters of the South Platte River Basin.

South Platte River Commission - This commission is responsible for making recommendations to the Mayor on Needed Improvements, coordinating activities and manageing conflicts among various users of the Corridor.

US Fish and Wildlife Services The South Platte River has been heavily impacted through diversions, flood control, agriculture, and development

EPA Environmental Education Outreach and education program that increases environmental awareness for citizens of the Rocky Mountains and Plains region.

EPA Environmental Kids Club Cool ways for kids to learn about the environment.